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Full Version: Start android app with shortcut in the 13.0 xbmc
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For the froyo release i have found a little script, what have a simple funkcion start one android app.

Now i have try add in the new 13.0, but i get after install dependencies not meet error message.

python code:

import xbmc, xbmcaddon

addon = xbmcaddon.Addon(id='plugin.program.nnandroidsettings')

__addon__ = xbmcaddon.Addon()
__author__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo('author')
__scriptid__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo('id')
__scriptname__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo('name')
__cwd__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo('path')
__version__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo('version')
__language__ = __addon__.getLocalizedString

DEBUG = True

if ( __name__ == "__main__" ):
package = "com.android.settings"
print "KmN: After execute built in"
except Exception as e:
print "KmN: Exception!"
print e

Somebody can help me?