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Full Version: Custom Menu Items?
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I think having the sub-menu items be customizable instead of simple on/off for developer chosen items would make this skin almost perfect. Am I missing something that allows me to do this? is it in the works? has it already been discussed and negated? Inquiring minds want to know.

Personally, after using Aeon Nox for a long while, I'm itching for something cleaner and simpler. However I do want a certain level of customization. I'm torn between this skin and Confluence Customizable at the moment.

I'm really interested by custom menu for this skin ^^

I have installed it on my raspberry, simple, fast and light, I love this skin Big Grin But the only one problem currently it the custom menu, who have try and put custom menu on this skin ?

You can add your items just below built-in (switchable) ones.
Hy pecinko, I haven't understand :-(