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Full Version: TV Remote (HDMI CEC) not working
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I installed XBMCbuntu Edin quite a while back now and then upgraded to XMBC Frodo a few months ago. I have never managed to get my TV remote communicating with XBMC (though on RaspBMC on my raspberry pi it worked straight out of box, i.e. it's not a TV compatibility problem). When I go into System -> Settings -> System -> Input Devices, the Peripherals menu is blanked out.

I am running XBMC 12.2 with Ubuntu 11.10

Here is a dump of the xbmc.log which seems to have no mention of CEC in it.
Do you have a CEC adapter? Most normal desktop hardware/GPUs/motherboards don't have CEC features built-in (which is odd, considering how awesome CEC is).
Indeed, the Raspberry Pi is about the only PC-like device that supports CEC without an adapter. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me.