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Full Version: LG 42" FULL HD LED TV SMART 3D 400Hz - LA660
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Hi all, I`m a newbee to xbmc and would appreciate an advice regarding installation of xbmc on to LG 42" FULL HD LED TV SMART 3D 400Hz - LA660.
Can anyone please suggest which xbmc download I should use? Thanks again for any help!Huh
None as in not possible
Basically https://www.google.com/search?q=install+...n+smart+tv

Someone should just make a sticky topic with 20 metres big letters in big RED saying NO.

The best thing is to get a PI and wack xbmc on it and plug it into TV usb ports for power (maybe) and HDMI cable to TV.
Hey guys, thanks a lot, will connect a tv box to solve the problem