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Full Version: When IMDB doesnt have the movie but TMDB has, allow to set TMDB id somehow?
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Hi I have a few movies which doesnt exist in IMDB but TMDB has them, I dont know how to correctly index these as I cant set the id from TMDB anywhere when I'm going to identify the movie.
I just tested TinyMediaManager for these titles and it was very smooth, I used the TMDB scraper as I did with Ember (even with this scraper Ember seems to incorporate imdb somehow.) So The titles The TMDB scraper didnt find instantly with tiny you could search manually and see the results retrieved from TheMovieDB. With Ember it might be a plugin issue (also .nfo which does get created with Ember doesnt have a field with TMDB id? ) or incorporate a clearer way in Ember to be able to use Ember fully without IMDB as a crusial part.
Ember uses IMDB id as master id for the movie.
If it does not exist it should (in version 1.4.xx) fallback on TMDB.