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Hello everybody.

When scrapping my movies I was often disappointed because Artwork Downloader / Fanart.tv generally proposed me discarts in english or german, rarely in french. Browsing the internet, I found a lot of DVD/Bluray stickers scanned in high resolution… but there were just scans for printing, absolutely useless for XBMC.

What have led me to a new challenge (dammit, every time I finish something for XBMC, I say "never again!" but well…): first to collect a huge amount of scans in various websites, then to process each one in Photoshop following the fanart.tv specifications (size, rotation etc) to make it readable by XBMC

Now, after 1 year of work, I am glad to make this set of 2'900 discarts available for your libraries. They are sorted in folders, and all entitled "disc.png", so XBMC ready.

link to download the 2014 Discarts N.O.W.A.L.L set:

Please check your internet connection/laptop battery first, because the archive is huge (3.3 Gb)


Personally I have still an old version of XBMC and Aeon Nox 3.6, because I love to use local artworks. So on my setup, i just copy/paste the disc.png in the movie folder, and it appears automatically in Nox.
On later versions devs decided to change this and put all in XBMC library (pffff) to reduce disc accesses. So I think its more complicated now to use local stuff, you have to do special things with ArtworkDownloader, I don't know what exactly but I think to have understood that it's slow and a pain in the ass process. But please don't ask me how to use/import this, just read other threads you will find your answers.

Read me:
  1. Though this collection is mainly for french speaking users, other users should have a glance at it anyway, because some movies have the same title in several languages, and also because sometimes I didn't find the french version and used instead the english one.

  2. I really want to thank all the various users who scanned - sometimes custom designed - the original flat stickers. Without them it would have not be possible.

  3. As for the other various sets I made for XBMC, I do things priorly for My media center. So I won't do special discarts on other users' request. But I will pursue the collection on my side, so probably at the end of 2014 I will post an update

  4. The administrators of the french scrapper "media-passion" at passion-xbmc have already received this set some days ago, and they are going to import the items in their database (I have no details about how/when/what...).

  5. Dear single users of fanart.tv, don't upload these discarts on fanart.tv to avoid messing up their database

Have fun!
Thank you very much Smile
To bad that uploading it will not credit the art to your name. Maybe Kode can think of something so we can change that.

Also we need to be sure that not a couple of people will start to upload this simultaneous as that would result in duplicates
Sorry Martijn I don't understand your question.
BTW I have a 2nd version of my set with all discarts in one folder, and all discarts named titleofthemovie.png.
This is the version I sent to the french scrapper.

But here on forum I made the version with all files named disc.png, it's better for end users who like to do things manually like me.
not really a question for you but for the people who will submit them to fanart.tv Smile
if a couple of them start uploading the same discs this creates redundant work.
Maybe Kode (fanart.tv admin/dev) can do a import based on the other package you have with titleofthemovie.png
I have send him an e-mail notifying him of this thread.
from the looks of it the folders are all name based, so pretty much no way to import these reliably unfortunately, would have been nice if these had been uploaded as they were done rather than create a 2,900 image moderation clusterfuck that would probably mean no moderator goes anywhere near the section.
looking at that screenshot the folder names are in french as well, so even if we tried to do a lookup based on the name it wouldn't work as we don't store the french names, I'll have a think as it would be nice to have the french discs on the site, but really the only way it would work would be to blindly accept them, which is completely against the fanart.tv ethos of only allowing high quality images checked by moderators, and I have no idea if the discs would pass moderator approval or not.
i will go through them and upload them in small batches so it will be manageable for the moderators and we won't get duplicate uploads at the same time.
(haven't downloaded the package yet though).

thank you again N.O.W.A.L.L and i'm sure a lot of French users will be happy
(2014-01-06, 14:15)Kode Wrote: [ -> ]would have been nice if these had been uploaded as they were done rather than create a 2,900 image moderation clusterfuck.

Sure it would have been nice if did that. I could have cooked chocolate cakes for everyone too.
But I am not a machine, I have a full time job and did this on my spare time, and believe me it was very time consuming, about 1 year. If I have had to upload each done discart little by little, I would have spent 6 months more.

1. As usual I am kind enough to share my work.
2. As usual some people think/say I should not have, or should have done things differently
3. As usual it's their problem, not mine

This set of discarts was made for manual copying in MY library. I always do visuals for MY use first.
I had not fanart.tv or any other scrapper in mind doing that. Once finished I decided to gift this to people, so that they do what they want with it afterwards.
I thought it would be cool on fanart.tv, but if it is too complicated/not desired, I don't care at all.
The french media-passion scrapper was interested, I am glad of it and for all its users, but if they wouldnt have been interested, it wouldnt have been a problem for me.

As for having my name credited, thank you very much Martijn that's nice but I don't care neither.
I didnt scan the original discs so I am responsible of only 50% of the result.
Fair enough, it would be nice to have the images on the site, but like you, if they don't end up there, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Thank you for sharing your work, hopefully it will be something we can import, someone is going to take a look at some samples to see whether they would even be approved on fanart.tv for quality reasons and we can go from there.

Any chance you could share a 20 or so random discs somewhere rather than having to download the whole lot?

*edit* do you have an account on fanart.tv at all? If you do and we import them it would be simple to attribute them to you as part of the import.
uh nope no account there, but as I said I dont care about credit. you can use whaveter name or anonymous if you decide to import

edit: I am creating an account there anyway, for future discarts
downloading set as we speak -- would be nice to have more French discs on the site.
(2014-01-06, 15:52)N.O.W.A.L.L Wrote: [ -> ]edit: I am creating an account there anyway, for future discarts

That's great, we love getting new contributors, I'm sorry if my first 2 posts sounded in some way ungrateful, please bare in mind that we *really* struggle with having and keeping enough moderators active on the site and if we put 2900 images straigt into the pending list theres a very real chance that moderators would just quit rather than have to go through them all, again, not your problem, but that was the only cause for my frustration that they werent uploaded as you went along, I didn't mean to sound like I was either having a go at you or dictating what you should do.
I perfectly understand your moderation problem don't worry.
But there is no hurry at all, no need to put the 2900 stuff once in the pending list, it could be done gradually through 1 or 2 years.
I don't know indeed, as until now I was not part of fanart.tv, I don't know your internal processes.
Downloading right now, thanks for sharing. I'm not french but some of the disks look good enough for me.
(2014-01-06, 15:52)N.O.W.A.L.L Wrote: [ -> ]uh nope no account there, but as I said I dont care about credit. you can use whaveter name or anonymous if you decide to import

edit: I am creating an account there anyway, for future discarts

Well it seems the fanart.tv wordpress has some problems. I signed in, but never received the email with pw activation. Weird...
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