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Full Version: Gotham change - Add textbox to OK, YesNo and Progress dialogs
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(2013-12-04, 21:07)`Black Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-11-11, 22:14)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]2013-11-11 Add textbox to OK, YesNo and Progress dialogs


The textbox doesn't auto-size, does it? While I agree that a textbox is better than labels, I won't want to use it in my skin as long as it doesn't support auto-sizing so I can align the header label and buttons around the textbox (top and bottom).

I came across the same problem trying to update Alaska HD.

I have everything in a centrally aligned grouplist and each control has it's own visible condition based on whether it's empty/visible or not so there's no gaps. Using a textbox destroys this as it can't auto-size. I also discovered !IsEmpty(Control.GetLabel(9)) doesn't work.

Correct, the textbox doesn't auto-size to height. It probably could be made to do so, but I don't have time to look at it at the moment.

Others are welcome to, ofcourse!

Steps are:

1. Add SetHeightControl() and GetHeight() to CGUITextBox as well as the member variables for m_minHeight, mimicking the SetWidthControl/GetWidth functions in CGUILabelControl.
2. Call SetHeightControl() from CGUIControlFactory on creation.
3. There may be some need to mess around some more in CGUITextBox - primarily changing use of m_height to GetHeight() around lines 101 and 198.

That should be it I reckon.

Thanks for the reply, hopefully someone will take a look sometime.