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Full Version: setup live tv
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hi everyone
i have a tbs 6982 dual tuner .connected to a universal twin lnb (port1 13E , port2 16E)

i enabled diseqc in the setup.conf ( diseqc = 1)

i edited diseqc.conf and added the 2 satelites
# port 1
S13.0E 11700 V 9750 t v W15 [E0 10 38 F0] W100 [E0 10 38 F0] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 A W15 t
S13.0E 99999 V 10600 t v W15 [E0 10 38 F1] W100 [E0 10 38 F1] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 A W15 T
S13.0E 11700 H 9750 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F2] W100 [E0 10 38 F2] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 A W15 t
S13.0E 99999 H 10600 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F3] W100 [E0 10 38 F3] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 A W15 T
# port 2
S16.0E 11700 V 9750 t v W15 [E0 10 38 F4] W100 [E0 10 38 F4] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 B W15 t
S16.0E 99999 V 10600 t v W15 [E0 10 38 F5] W100 [E0 10 38 F5] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 B W15 T
S16.0E 11700 H 9750 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F6] W100 [E0 10 38 F6] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 B W15 t
S16.0E 99999 H 10600 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F7] W100 [E0 10 38 F7] W100 [E0 11 00] W100 B W15 T


I checked sources.conf to see if the names used in diseqc.conf and channels.conf are the same standard (for example : S13.0E

I added by manual the chanels on the file channels.conf

Quote: :S13.0E
nSport;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:167=2:[email protected]:0:500,B00,100,1813,B01:4458:318:11000:0
nSport;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:167=2:[email protected]:0:100,1813,B01,B00,500:4408:318:11000:0
HISTORY;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:168=2:[email protected],[email protected]:0:1813,100:4459:318:11000:0
HBO COMEDY;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:371=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502:1813,100:4457:318:11000:0
HBO2;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:370=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502:1813,100:4456:318:11000:0
HBO;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:368=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502:100,1813:4455:318:11000:0
MINIMINI+;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:166=2:[email protected]:0:100,1813,B01:4452:318:11000:0
PLANETE+;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:165=2:[email protected]:0:1813,100:4451:318:11000:0
CANAL+ FAMILY2;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:172=2:[email protected]:500:100:4423:318:11000:0
CANAL+ FAMILY;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:173=2:[email protected]:500:100,1813,B01:4414:318:11000:0
HISTORY;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:168=2:[email protected],[email protected]:0:100,1813,1803,1861:4409:318:11000:0
HBO COMEDY;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:371=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502;742=pol:1803,100,1813,1861,500,B01:4432:318:11000:0
HBO2;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:370=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502;741=pol:1803,100,1813,1861,500,B01:4431:318:11000:0
DTV CABLE PL;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:165=2:[email protected]:0:100:4476:318:11000:0
DTV CABLE MI;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:166=2:[email protected]:0:100:4477:318:11000:0
[00a-1151]:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:172=2:[email protected]:500:1813,B01,100:4433:318:11000:0
HBO;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:368=2:[email protected],[email protected]:502;740=pol:1803,100,1813,1861,500,B01:4429:318:11000:0
4fun.TV;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:163=2:[email protected]:516:0:4404:318:11000:0
PLANETE+;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:165=2:[email protected]:0:100,1813,B01:4406:318:11000:0
MINIMINI+;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:166=2:[email protected]:0:100,1813,B01:4407:318:11000:0
CANAL+ FAMILY2;nc+:10719:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:172=2:[email protected]:500:100,1813,B01:4413:318:11000:0
Islam TV;Arqiva:10722:HC34M2S0:S13.0E:29900:1001=2:[email protected]:0:0:4601:318:11100:0
Truth TV;Arqiva:10722:HC34M2S0:S13.0E:29900:1002=2:[email protected]:0:0:4602:318:11100:0
RTPi;Arqiva:10722:HC34M2S0:S13.0E:29900:1003=2:[email protected]:1103:0:4603:318:11100:0

and so on .
i get No signal in all the channels however the epg loads normaly and show the current program on all the channels.

can someone please tell me what is wrong.
Im using a TBS6982, havent changed default diseqc settings (i.e. enabled it).

What do you mean by "no signal"?

Assume you've used scan to find all the available channels and then manually removed the ones you dont want?