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Full Version: Has defaultcontrol changed for Gotham?
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I'm in the process of updating Alaska HD for Gotham but can't solve a problem that I've encountered with the home window not lining up properly upon start when it worked perfectly fine in Frodo. It involves the dummy list's default control not being set correctly to item 11 (movies) instead it gets set to id 13 (tv shows) even though there's nothing to set that item!

Skin can be downloaded from my repo (see sig).

can't reproduce it at my end.
the movies button gets focused when i enter the home screen.
Do you have a disc in the drive? I'm wondering whether that has something to do with it.
Can reproduce.

With disc

Without disc

13.0-ALPHA12 Git:20140109-3751d14 (Win32)
yup, same result as MassIV.

i also noticed, without disc, you can't focus the setup button.
Thanks for the confirmations. I've also noticed the Music tab has Music Videos selected before you focus on it and that id shouldn't be selected either.

I've tried the oldest nightly (Nov) and it's still present there but I'm sure I was using Gotham builds on my OpenELEC machine last year without this problem so something's been changed.
I think I've found what's causing this behaviour -

Changes to GUIBaseContainer.cpp

refactors static content in containers into a list provider class

Great so see u back working on Alaska HD Hitcher! Coming back from retirement to revamp Alaska for Gotham is awesome. Kudo's for you sir.
To test in Confluence edit Settings.xml.

Add <defaultcontrol>5</defaultcontrol> to the list number 9000 to make Pictures the default control - Pictures is always the default control. Smile

Add <visible>False</visible> to item number 1 - now Weather is the default control even though it's id number is 4. Undecided

So it appears to be using the position instead of the item's id for focus until you remove item 1 altogether and then it goes back to Pictures! Huh
Thanks - fixed in 0c58c2fe78c
And another thanks Jonathan. Smile