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Full Version: VDR - VNSI5 - VAAPI Timeshift Artefacts
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I have sometimes Artefacts when viewing LiveTV with Timeshift enabled in RAM.
It looks like http://abload.de/img/screenshot002q5sku.png

My Logs - http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=110187

i think that could be the problem:
PHP Code:
19:26:35 T:140307731646208   DEBUGCDVDPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement hurry1
:26:36 T:140307303749376   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 7 times.
19:26:36 T:140307303749376   DEBUGCDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuity1 was:62448839977.348412should be:62449055953.002342error:215975.653931 

PHP Code:
19:24:56 T:140307731646208   ERRORffmpeg[F0810700]: [h264reference picture missing during reorder
:24:56 T:140307731646208   ERRORffmpeg[F0810700]: [h264Missing reference picture, default is 65564 

I have OpenElec version r16713 running on Intel HD4000 Ivy Bridge.

The Issue exists on 576i and 720p Channels also. Sometimes i can play the recorded Video for an hour before the
Failure happen, sometimes it takes some minutes.
vaapi even shows artifacts for mpeg2 without timeshift. I opened a bug on freedesktop:

unfortunately vaapi has a couple of issues.
I think that should be h264

PHP Code:
18:29:55 T:140306842380032  NOTICECDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::Open() Using codecH.264 AVC MPEG-4 AVC MPEG-4 part 10
:29:55 T:140306842380032   DEBUGFactoryCodec Videoff-h264 Opened 

I don't have this Issue when watching LiveTV without Timeshift
The screenshot is 576i (SD), this is mpeg2.
I don't see this issue on my testsystems which are either vdpau (Nvidia + AMD), sw decoder, dxva, , RPi, or vaapi (haswell, i3/i5).
So the most likely reason for this is an issue in vaapi + ivy bridge driver. I will ping fritsch, maybe he can run some tests on his system.
Yes, the Screenshot is not this Bug here, this was another Bug, but it looks similar to this.
I can try to screenshot this Issue if it would be helpful.
I tried to reproduce this, by setting Timeshift to RAM, 5 x 100 MB which is my default settings. Then my gf watched "In aller Freundschaft" on ARD for more than one hour - without a single issue, here is the logfile: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6752435/ (see 20:11 until 21:30) nothing in the logs.

Hardware: Celeron 1007, Lanczos 3 Optimized for this 720p.
Today i also can't reproduce this on KiKa HD.
I will reply here when it happen again, with new Logs and Screenshots.