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Twit Live Stream dose work but it sometimes quite often won't. The other features in the Twit Addon work with out any problems. Wondering if it's Twit studios  causing these issues with the Live Stream
Seems to be working now

Twit.TV Addon needs a update

Twit Live Stream Doesn't work any more

Either Add Youtube Embed link or link to M3U8 Stream the links to the stream are as follows


I hope to see this addon updated asap 

Hi everyone,

I've been working hard on an update, I think it's ready. Please test if you'd like.

TWiT v2.1.7

Added Norwegian translation thanks to solbu
Updated show listings
Twit live >
  removed dead streams
  added Mixer HLS stream
  added play from Youtube add-on
  *you may need to adjust your stream setting

I will try to get this pushed to Kodi repo next week sometime.
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