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Full Version: [xbmc-git] vsync regression?
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I just tested the patch libdsl12 from launchpad, as referenced by Kib, and it also works for me.

This is a better option than patching 50-xserver-command.conf, so I'll live with this patch from now on.
I guess this patch shall be distributed soon through official repos.
(2014-03-17, 03:12)binaryjay Wrote: [ -> ]Posting back because I finally figured out what happened. It seems with a recent update to the intel drivers, triplebuffering which was always defaulted to on before got disabled and you need to re-enable it manually. After I turned triple buffering back on I no longer need to use the tearfree option to prevent the awful tearing.

That being said I did explicitly disable composite though I "believe" that should have no bearing on anything whatsoever in my case since I run xbmc as standalone with no window manager at all as that machine is just an xbmc/headless server box. I am pretty sure it is the triple buffering... try it.

how do i do this?
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