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Full Version: Root Explorer only works on fresh install (Gotham nightly on Ouya)
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Hi all. Using Gotham Nightly XBMC on Ouya. I have rooted the Ouya - Root My Ouya by WonderEkin shows "Status:Rooted". After installing Root Explorer (sideloaded the .apk through dropbox) immediately after install when I choose the "OPEN" option Root Explorer works like a charm (I've used it to try to set up my mele f10 pro (still a work in progress)), but after I close Root Explorer (immediately after opening from first install) and I try to open Root Explorer from the MAKE/SOFTWARE menu - it runs but I do not see the ROOT or STORAGE list of files and folders - it is completely blank and stays blank.

If I reinstall the Root Explorer APK again overtop the existing, I can again launch it successfully immediately (by choosing OPEN instead of DONE) and get all files and folders listing properly under ROOT and STORAGE etc.

Anybody else experience this? Have a fix? Is this a permissions issue on the app itself (if so can anyone kindly point me to where I might find the app file to adjust this?).

Thanks for any/all help!
Can't you use a different file explorer like ES?
Haven't tried ES, but I'll give it a try. Root Explorer is pretty useful - it's just extremely weird that it will fire up fine immediately after an install using "Open" then not work again afterwards - was hoping there might be a fix.

Thanks for the ES suggestion!