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Full Version: Improve handling of video playlists
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Hi, today I used video playlists for the first time (music videos) and figured it behaves quite clunky. Two things I'd like to see changed but want to hear your opinions first:

a) show info OSD for a few sec
IMO it makes sense to also show the info OSD for videos when having a playlist with more than one icon. So like with music you should get the info of the new video pop up for some seconds. This makes sense for music videos but IMO also for regular video playlists.

b) don't force fullscreen playback
every video in the playlist will force fullscreen video which is bad. Let's say you have some music videos in your playlist, exit fullscreen mode and go browse for more music videos or do some other stuff in XBMC. Every time a new video begins you're switched back to fullscreen mode, have to exit it again and have ~3 mins to finish your stuff or you'll be forced to fullscreen once again. This is reaaally annoying.

Both changes shouldn't be hard to implement/fix and IMO won't have any drawbacks if only applied to playlists + not on first item.
I like both ideas as options. I wouldn't mind "A"/info showing being default, but I would keep fullscreen on playback the default, even in a playlist. Either way, both suggestions make a lot sense to me.
why would you want keep forcing auto fullscreen on next playlist item and make it a setting? I don't see the need for a setting here. There was a reason why you exited it, so respect that. I haven't said that we should stop going into fullscreen mode on initial playback, but once already playing don't do it again if item is part of a playlist (and only if in a playlist with multiple items). If you trigger playback of a new single item it should switch to fullscreen again, also when selecting a movie in playlist view, just not when autoswitching or when pressing "next item" somewhere in XBMC.
Aaaah, sorry, I misunderstood. Then yeah, no need for a setting for B, and sounds like better behavior to me.