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Full Version: Subtitle handling in OSD
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When pressing next in OSD of subtitles in Gotham the subtitle can be disabled. While this makes perfect sense if you have "next" and/or "previous" subtitle mapped to a key on the keyboard/remote, it is frustrating in the GUI. I mean, there is an "enable/disable" button and its not at all clear that the next will do that. Even worse, when you disable it the little popup vanishes Smile

I propose that we add either an option to the [Next|Previous]Subtitle action which allows for disable, or we add another action. It is confusing that it disables in OSD GUI.

sure, introduce a new action which only cycles through subtitles but does not disable those and use it in skins. Keep keymappings as they are.
Sounds logical
So now to the really hard question, What to name the action Tongue

The current one is NextSubtitle. To me that naming suggest _nothing_ about it disableing subtitles. So IMO that one should perhaps be the one which just selects a subtitle?
The other name I can come up with is CycleSubtitle, not sure if thats a good naming for with disable or without disable? To be frank its quite hard to name it in any way so that it makes perfect sense its a different action and what the intent is Tongue

Very quickly thrown together for the sake of testing it out. https://github.com/topfs2/xbmc/commit/24...84a1baee8f