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Full Version: Wrong Info in widgets
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Hello, does anyone know how to fix this. When the main menu slider has focus it shows a thumbnail for the the first item on top on the right side but the info on the left is not correct. The thumbnail is of Eric Claptons guitar festival which was the last item I added but the artist and info on the left is referring to ZZTop. If I tab up to the items on top and give them focus all is well and everything shows correctly, if i go to a different screen and come back it looks like the picture below with wrong info..

For anyone interested I fixed this by changing the word "Recent" to "Recommended"on line 1547 of the "IncludesVariables" xml file

<value condition="![Player.HasMedia | Control.HasFocus(510) | Control.HasFocus(5100)] + Container(9000).HasFocus(3)">$INFO[Window(0).Property(RecentMusicVideo.1.Thumb)]</value>

<value condition="![Player.HasMedia | Control.HasFocus(510) | Control.HasFocus(5100)] + Container(9000).HasFocus(3)">$INFO[Window(0).Property(RecommendedMusicVideo.1.Thumb)]</value>
Sweet, I've had this problem for awhile, and thought it was a problem with the plugin. Will try this fix tonight, thanks for the heads up.
Do you mind telling me how you managed to get the recently added part to work ? Mine, for movies and tv-shows are deadly empty...