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Full Version: Nigtlies and nexus7(2012)
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I wanted to try out immersive mode on my device (4.4.2,WiFi ver,stock, un-rooted, 32gb) but I can't get any of the January nightlies to install.
It's faster if you tell us what you tried and what errors (if any) were displayed. Otherwise, there is no way to know from that description.
I can't install. It always gives a package error during the installation of the xbmc app and exits.
I have found that sometimes on my Nexus devices I've had to do a clean install as for some reason it would not install over whatever version of xbmc is installed on my tab. This has only started happening since KK 4.4 was released
I've clean the cache and app data then uninstalled, is there a folder that I have to manually delete ?
Note that the Nexus 7 2012 is one of my reference devices, so it's almost guaranteed XBMC will work on it, if anything else.
I got it to work, but had to change my system language to English USA