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Full Version: play any video - controls
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Wondering if someone can help me with this. After using most of the skins, Quartz is the one I love the most. However, there is one huge problem I cant get by...Fast forwarding or skipping to the end of a movie/tv show. Even though it states it FF 32x it really only will FF 4x speed. But the biggest problem is skipping to the end of a movie. I cant do it no matter what I try. So if I leave the Quartz Skin and go into the Confluence skin and play the same movie, it seems to have a different video player that allows me to FF better and skip to a scene in any video. Why can I do this in another skin, and Is there ANY way around this in Quartz? Looking for any advice as I am stuck.
With a mouse?
No maybe I am being misunderstood. I have a wireless keyboard with the pad, but when I click on the bar at the bottom of the video browser it does not advance. I can scroll over to the FF button and advance it that way but it does not advance the movie or show faster than 4x (even though it says it does). So in other words if I want to skip a boring part and advance a movie about 5 minutes, I ALWAYS have to hit the FF button. I cannot use my mouse and click on the bar because it does nothing when I do. Or I could leave that skin and go to another one and then It will work for me. No one else has this problem??
Use up/down keys to jump by chapter. You can't click on progress bar in Quarz. I can FF 2x-32x problem you have (4x only) is probably specific to your hw?