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Full Version: master password
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hi guys new to the forum.

i have xbmc on my mac with a master password witch is using the arrow keys up and down couple times. but after i change the theme xbmc no longer takes my password
the funny thing is that i tried couple thing including the one on the previous password thread so i finally give up and unistall xbmc and guess after i reinstall it still cant take my password so.... what's the fix hopefully im able to fix this before the football game.

thanks ahead guys
this problem started when i change the skin i uninstall the application and reinstall and by the look of things is on the different skin not the default one. idk why my computer is remembering the skin setting please help!
The userdata folder would not get deleted/installed if you just deleted the app and re-installed it. The easiest thing you could do would be to edit profile.xml in your userdata folder. Another alternative would be to delete the xbmc app and ~/Library/Application Support/XBMC. This will delete everything so you would be starting over completely from square one. You will have to re-add all your sources, addons, scripts, etc. Probably be a lot of work.
for some reason or another i cant get rid off the whole thing now i cant even find the folder
If you're referring to your Library folder, Apple in their infinite wisdom has decided to hide this folder from you. I don't know what OS your running, but if you do a google search for "show library folder Mavericks" or which ever is appropriate you should find plenty of articles on in-hiding the folder. Pressing the "Option" key while selecting the "Go" menu in "Finder" may give you the option to go to Library. Just pull down the Go menu press Option and see if Library appears as a destination.
got it thanks guys