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Full Version: Music Server Question
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I am new to XBMC and want to setup a device as a music server. I have Shoutcast and iHeart Radio working. I would love if someone could get Sirius subscriptions to work as I have an account. The other thing I want is my music collection. I use iTunes to manage my music since we have 3 iPhones and 2 iPads that have different playlists and things. I want XBMC to access my iTunes library and get all the current playlists. In other words, if I add a playlist on my computer, I want it to show up in XBMC. I see there is an add-on that uses Plex as a server on your computer. I am not opposed to setting this up, I just wanted to know if that was the best an easiest way to get the results I am looking for.

Thanks for all the help in advance.