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Full Version: Auto de-interlacing causes problems
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Hi folks,
I need to enable de-interlacing for some channels I'm receiving, but upon enabling Auto and Auto Select, I get intermittent pauses though even on channels which need interlacing.

What else should I be looking at? Does resolution and refresh rate make any difference?
Is there a specific interlacing method I should be looking at?

Setup is TVheadend server 3.4.2, and Intel NUC Celeron client, OpenElec 3.2.4, XBMC 12.2.

I believe this is an Intel-specific issue, have a look at the countless threads regarding Intel de-interlacing in the Linux-specific support forum.
You won't get any decent deinterlacing on Intel with OpenELEC 3. Consider OE 4 which has implemented this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=165707