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Full Version: Receiving "Operation Not Permitted" Error
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I'm using the XBMC on my Ouya and attempting to connect it through my MacBook Pro which is operating with Mavericks 10.9.1.

I've adjusted all of the appropriate folder settings, but am still receiving the error "Operating Not Permitted"

I've tried two ways:
1) attempting to access directly through WORKGROUP
2)smb://user:[email protected]/Downloads

Neither work, can anyone help me out? Here's the log computer name is "mike":

don't post logs on the forum
use xbmclogs.com
K here's my log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=114151

1) you can see around line 509
2) you can see around line 546
Your share settings are most likely wrong.
The share settings on my Macbook? No everything is set to read/write on the computer, including the specific downloads folder.

I've gone ahead and installed Plex on the macbook to just share the files via DLNA using the UPnP sharing in XBMC. Is there any downfall with doing it this way? It seems to work just fine, is there any downfall of DLNA over SMB?

- Mike
You will go to hell if you are lucky when using dlna Big Grin *kidding*