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Full Version: xbmc -> rg6
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how do we get xbmc to feed out to an rg6 cable so everyone in the house can watch the same thing? you know.... feed out to the demarc through the rg6 and from there feed all of the other televisions in the home. such a setup might require an amp but that is besides the point.
on the same note how do we use the video rca jack? I would think that it is another video feed but I don't know. if we can't use it with xbmc (or as a video output) what is its use? oh... is it for video input only?
You would have to have a xbmc box that has a audio/video out like hdmi or composite out / or take any video output and audio output -> to feed into some Magical box that takes all that and then can push it down into a coax cable... tbh I think this would be interesting.
You would be looking at some sort of RF Modulator to convert whatever output from the PC to COAX (i.e. RG6).

For example, you could output a HD signal through an HDMI HD RF modulator (such as http://www.pvistore.com/compact-hd-rf-modulator/) and feed it over COAX as a digital TV signal to a TV that has a digital tuner. I bet it's expensive, though.

Or, you could do something like this (http://www.audioauthority.com/product_details/HXE-11). But you'd need one for every TV, and that is definitely expensive.

There are RF modulators to go from RCA to COAX. But you may not like how the resulting video looks.

Now, where did I put my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator...
Hi guys, we used to have business-grade cisco switch, but it got burned last week so we had to replace it fast, we had consumer quality asus regular router - RT-AC66U, our modulator outputs MPTS via RTP or UDP multicast - we tried it with udp - works fine, but it's a temporary solution, we need to have RTP stream, I tried to forward ports - no luck! What could be a problem with RT-AC66U, does it support rtp at all? Thank you!