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Full Version: New to XBMC PVR - Just throwing some ideas
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I finally got around to trying XBMC PVR after I found out about the WMC backend. I find many advantages to doing this but right now the PVR frontend is very rough. I looked through the threads and found some cool looking EPGs but I think currently they are part of the skin and I don't think any of those skins are officially out. There are a couple things I think that need to be addressed for it to be even called user friendly. If there is a way to do this please tell me/ correct me.

You should be able to jump to channels in the EPG by inputting channel number.
When pressing up/down it should not change the channel unless you hit enter. Instead it should show the data for that channel such as the show that is on and the metadata for it.
When you press up and down to show the channel info you should be able to jump to another channel's info by putting channel number and when you push ok then it changes to it.

Not so important
When pressing channel numbers a pop up appears like any other time you are pushing numbers. I don't think that is needed. Instead have it just overlay so it looks like its part of the UI instead of a pop up.

Microsoft WMC is pretty much perfect for the most part on how it handles Live TV so if it works like WMC it is perfect in my eyes. The ideal GUI for a PVR should be very similar to a Set Top Box UI that the cable company gives you minus all the crap and ads they plaster on it trying to sell you VOD.
This is beautiful and what I think the EPG should strive to be like though I am pretty sure the way the Up/Down works while on fullscreen is the same as it is now though and no jumping as this is just a skin after all.
Splitting skins so that PVR itself seems like a good idea to me but might be extra complicated and there is of course the clashing looks.

The way I see how the PVR works I don't know if its possible since when playing the channel it seems to be just using the same video player that it plays files with but instead of playing a file it just plays the stream. So with that said I hope you guys figure out a way For now I will continue using WMC but I really hope you guys can improve your PVR frontend and make it great so I can finally have a one place to go media center =). A bonus of using XBMC frontend is also the ability to use pooled tuners as WMC forces you to assign a tuner to each PC (which Ceton removed in Windows 8 but you can unofficially get it working still).

Thanks for reading and thanks to the XBMC team for their great work so far.