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Full Version: How to activate timeshift on yaVDR VNSI5 ??
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Just upgraded my vdr / xbmc setup

server yavdr 2.0.4 testing / TBS 6991 dvbs-2 plus ci Twin Tuner / vdr-vnsi5 from Opdencamp master
client RasPi / openelec gotham snapshot 16.01.2014 with shipped vdr addon 1.9.5

Try to get timeshift working.......

Live TV is working perfect
Pause button greyed out
Timeshift on client side activated

Read somthing about necessaryā€ˇ activating Timeshift on server side ?
server is runnig Headless so no VDR Gui
Installed vdradmin-am --> but couldn't find settings there

Are there any parameters in setup.conf ?
Do I need to install specific vdr plugins ?
or do I have to compile VDR Openelec Client Addon out of Opdencamp master to get that working ?

Any Ideas appreciated
Regards Martin
Hi Martin,

yes, you have to activate timeshift on client-side AND server-side.

In XBMC go to "Settings" -> "Live TV" -> "client specific" -> "addon configuration" dialog (set view from beginner to expert before).

Oohh Bummer !!!!!!

Was searching to activate Timeshift for server-side directly on the VDR Server via VDR Settings
Didn't realize the possibility via XBMC Settings

Activated now using
XBMC "Settings" -> "Live TV" -> "client specific" -> "addon configuration"

Everything's up and running
Thanks for your help Joseph

You can also use the live plugin.
Press menu on the remote

Settings -> Modules -> vnsiserver