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Full Version: Secondary channels not showing up in EPG
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Channels like 3-3, 40-2 (or 3.3, 40.2) show up in tvheadend as the the prime channel number (i.e 3, or 40), they show up in the list on LiveTV (xvmc) as multiple listings of the same number (3, 3, 3) but in the EPG there is only a listing for the main channel (40's listing is only for 40-1, there is no line for 40-2).
Does this make any sense?
What are those secondary channels?
It's US broadcast.
I guess the whole thing is unsupported.
yup, currently not supported
is there an option to make the frontend renumber the channels so they'll show in the EPG?
I was able to get the secondary channels to show up in the EPG by switching off the 3 options about getting channel numbers/data from the backend. Now the channels show up as 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of 3-1,3-2,6-1,6-2 but its okay since I dont really need the "real" call numbers as long as whats on shows up in the EPG