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Full Version: XBMC crashing on startup
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Newbie here, sorry if I am reposting a duplicate thread. I looked but couldn't find an answer.

I just downloaded and installed XBMC 12.3 this morning and am running Mavericks 10.9.1. Everything was working good until I accidentally changed a PVR setting on the settings and then XBMC crashed. Any attempts to restart XBMC crash within a couple seconds. I have tried deleting everything and reinstalling, but am encountering the same issues. Is there anyway to adjust the settings without opening XBMC or pausing the startup?
Click into the Finder so you get the "Go" menu at the top, open the Go menu and press "option" on your keyboard, select Library, go to Application Support -> XBMC -> userdata -> and move the guisettings.xml file to your desktop.

See if that allows XBMC to open up. If it does, save that guisettings.xml file, maybe put it on dropbox or something, so our devs can take a look at it.