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Full Version: SettingsCategory.xml subtitle
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i've added subcategory titles to the settingscategory.xml file by adding the following code.

settingscategory.xml: for each category setcatmusic, setcatpictures...
Quote:    <control>
     <label>$localize[3] - $localize[10507]</label>

settings.xml: for each category button setcatmusic, setcatpictures...
Quote:      <onclick>skin.resetsettings</onclick>

the thing with this is, if i added different settings they would be reset also.

does anybody know a better way to add the subcategory titles to settingscategory.xml?


nice inventive approach Smile

why not just use <visible>window.isactive(mymusicsettings)</visible>


because i didn't read the manual.

thank you Smile