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Full Version: Pls help a new user!
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I've just started using XBMC and have read through the forums here and done a few searches, but having recently put a Crystal HD 70015 into an Apple Tv1 which has the latest Firecore software and XBMC 11 I've been experiencing terrible playback with 1080p files.
In the XBMC settings I can see the option to use the Crystal HD and I've selected it.
With 1080p H264 files, either stored internally on the ATV1 or streamed from my NAS, which is on a 1ghz switch, the playback is terrible- really stuttery and unwatchable.
I'm considering going down the Openelec or Crystalbuntu road, but wanted to ask if :
- I should be getting decent playback with the card installed but without openelec or Crystalbuntu
- If the card isn't properly installed in the ATV1, would I still get the option to select Crystal HD in the XBMC settings?

Tomorrow I'll try and find the log file and upload it here, but based on how playback is right now I think it's possible that the card isn't seated correctly ( I didn't put it in, my brother in law did as he's more tech savvie than me)

Also, am I right in thinking that I should have 1080p selected for video output in the Apple TV settings?

Thanks very much in advance if anyone can help / advise!

I wish I could remember what steps to do on the original ATV OS to see if the BCHD was working, but I honestly can't remember. I'd install Crystalbuntu on a USB drive and try that out, since that should work out-of-the-box with the ATV1 and BCHD. It is possible to have a bad BCHD card and still have it show the option in XBMC's settings (I've had a bad once once). If you try Crystalbuntu out while booting from a USB drive, and it still stutters on the video playback, then definitely take a look at how the card is seated.
Thanks Ned
I'll try a USB boot tomorrow
Is it possible to play 1080p through ATV1?
(2014-01-27, 17:25)smera Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible to play 1080p through ATV1?

With a linux-based OS (Crystalbuntu (wiki) or OpenELEC (wiki)) and a BCHD (wiki) card, yes.
I installed Crytsalbuntu today and have had fantastic playback with 1080p files and the Crystal Hd card installed!