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Full Version: vnsi5 channel logos - no global path anymore?
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Hi there - i am running xbmc Frodo 12.2 on two boxes and channel-logos work fine - once you have a proper naming of them - matching the channel-names

For testing reasons i set up a seperate system with current Gotham from the gits - with this setup i am missing the setup - option to define a "global" logo - path in the settings.

Furthermore - a manual setting of logos channel by channel is lost once xbmc is restarted.

What am i doing wrong?
I'm running Gotham with VDR, channel logos work automatically.

I've simply got a directory of the channel logos on the XBMC file system and set the path via Settings -> Live TV -> Menu/OSD -> Default folder for PVR thumbnails
Yes - that is where i set the path within Frodo - i am missing this option in that place - i don't see it ! I switched back to english language to avoid translation issues - still nu success


Aaaarrrrrrghhhhh: - Settings-Level Advanced...