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Full Version: Empty repositories
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I am just at the first stages with xbmc so I could have made a couple of weird things which broken up everything. Basically I am trying to download a skin but the repositories are empty. This is the last part of log file, where I call the get add-ons function. Someone knows what's wrong?

p.s. Yesterday I've added some kind of super-big-pack repository, could this be the problem? Even though, until yesterday night, everything was running smoothly, I've got a couple of skins before shutting down the computer.

Many thanks
Yes, installing SuperRepo can cause a conflict that can result in weirdness like this, or it could be another issue that can also cause this. Try force refreshing: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...itory_list
Big pack repos are very bad. You can get all kind of junk.
Also don't post snippets (what you gave is useless) and never do that on the forum directly.

And read
Oopss, sorry : )

I've been reading around the forum looking for a solution and I've seen people asking for the log file, my bad.

The force-refreshing worked! Thanks