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Full Version: Button label not scrolling
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I recently noticed that the labels in buttons get truncated if they're too long and not focused but when focused they don't scroll to reveal the full string - is this a bug or just an oversight?


Friendly bump. Smile

I'll Trac it if required but I know truncated/scrolling labels were added to lists sometime ago and would make sense for buttons seeing as settings are becoming more complex.
all i can do is confirm button labels don't scroll.
no idea if that's a bug or a feature ;-)

as for this specific example, the settings label should be shortened imo.
the 'only works with 1 blah blah blah' bit should be moved the the settings description field.
At least we have a description for the buttons, so no need such long text for buttons.
Agreed but what fits in English may still be too long in another language; the sensible solution would be to scroll the label when it's focused just as we do in lists.

Like I said, I'll Trac this if need be.

4114 (PR)
Awesome, thanks black. Big Grin