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Full Version: Request help with picking PVR
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After 14 years of having no aerial \reception I have just moved to a place that has both (although the aerial is falling apart).
I am after something cheap that will record TV (possibly 2 at once) and that can name\move it to my library.

Can someone help me, I have no idea at all what I need to look for or really even where to start. I am looking at a lot of articles on the internet but most seem to be US based and I don't know if they work here in Australia..
Just as a heads up, don't follow any guide that has to do with the US, they're using completely different tech over there.

Before you start worrying about which software to use you'll need to buy some tuners. If you want to be able to record something while you're watching you'll need two tuners, or a dual tuner. What you want is a so called DVB-T tuner since you're using the terrestrial network. Try to make sure you buy hardware that works on Linux.

Once you have your hardware you can skim through the various "which software should I use" topics on this forum. All of them can record stuff but your requirement about automatically naming and moving stuff to your library may be a little bit tricky.
I didn't know how they worked.. I thought the software came with the card but if I can sort that out later all the better.

When you say "Try to make sure you buy hardware that works on Linux." is that to work better with XBMC?
I am only running a win8 box and have no interest in Linux..

Is there anything that you recommend?
Well, if you're certain you're never going to use Linux then you can skip that part. There are some backends available on Linux though that aren't on Windows so it might be worth buying a compatible tuner in case you use a dedicated machine one day.

I can't really recommend any DVB-T tuners as I don't use it, though I guess most work just fine (especially in Windows). If you don't mind spending a bit money, you can't go wrong with Digital Devices.
Yeah, I'm sure I won't use Linux. I was thinking of something like this - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Watch-TV-on-y...338a6b8e26

But I just saw it was XP only..