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Full Version: XBMC chraches sometimes when you try to watch a video
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Sometimes, often when I come back to my HTPC and put on a video (mostly via the YouTube addon and sometimes a local video) XBMC just freezes for a couple of seconds and then it just crashes. It never happens while I watch a video.

Im using Xubuntu 13.10, x86-64 with Linux 3.5.0-25 and Xbmc 2:12.3~git20131213.0944-frodo-0saucy from your PPA. Log: http://pastebin.com/sw7bHxVW
thats the intel vaapi driver throwing an assert.
Since you have xbmc logging disabled, its impossible to see why this would happen. There is a known issue with interlaced content though.
Intel? Im using Nvidia. I'll enable the debug mode to then.
For some reason the intel vaapi option was enabled in the settings. I disabled it and it seems to have solved the problem.
ya, hint to whoever is incharge of sane default settings in xbmc, ppa builds ship with vaapi and vdpau support enabled and both hardware acceleration options are enabled by default in xbmc iirc.
what hint, this is not a problem, unless you have 2 gpus enabled.
Last time I checked with only nvidia gpu, both vaapi and vdpau accel were enabled by default. maybe I looked at it wrong.
yes, both are enabled, but thats not a problem.
According to a few post it is, just like post 4. Doesnt it make sense to only enable option based on the hardware? I know it does make sense, but ok, it is what it is. Big Grin thx anyway.
Not so easy:

there are wrapper drivers for all them e.g. vaapi for nvidia or vaapi for fglrx and so on.