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Full Version: [Request for help] ListItem.Picture... values not set until Info dialog is used
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I am trying to make a view for pictures.
In the view with a list of picture files, when a list item is in focus, I want to display the picture and some $INFO[ListItem.Picture...] values. (ListItem.PictureHeadline, ListItem.PictureCaption, etc.)
When the list item is in focus, the ListItem.Picture... infolabels have no values. When I open the Info dialog for a picture, then return to the list of pictures, the ListItem.Picture... infolabels now have values for the picture I opened the Info dialog on.
I understand that it would be very slow to load all of the picture tags when the list is built, but the values could be obtained either when the listitem for a picture is put in focus, or when the value is asked for.

So, question 1: Is it possible to get the value of a ListItem.Picture... label when a picture in the list of pictures is in focus, without having to bring up the info dialog for that picture first.

I suspect the answer to question 1 is No.

I have tried to track down where in the C++ code I could add code to do this, but I have not been able to find a spot.
I would like to add something that says
When focus is set on a listitem
if (the listitem is a picture AND the info for the picture has not yet been loaded) load the picture info tags
When info for a picture is requested
if (the info for the picture has not yet been loaded) load the picture info tags

So, question 2 (if answer to Q1 is No): Is there some place in the C++ code I could add some logic to load picture info either when the info is asked for, or when a picture is focused on.

I guess it really needs a database like videos.
Showing picture info works as expected. I thought it was broken but it really wasn't. <sheepish>I should know better - XBMC is amazing</sheepish>
It turns out there is a picture setting that turns on/off the display of picture info. I just had to go to Settings > Pictures > File lists, and enable "Show EXIF picture information".