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Full Version: Multi Program support ? DVB stream (Multi-Program Transport Stream - MPTS)
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Is it possible to set ProgramId or PID Or StreamId (in .m3u playlist) when playling DVB stream (Multi-Program Transport Stream) ?
I know that VLC suport .m3u playlists using "#EXTVLCOPT:program=7107"
Example VLC .m3u playlist:
#EXTINF:0,1 - France 24
#EXTINF:0,1 - TV Info

more info:

My IPTV provider has 10 stream with 10 Programs per stream.

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Is it any way to play that stream in XBMC ? for example using any PVR Client ?
tvheadend supports only DVB adapters and internet media stream (for example from udpxy) but supports only one ProgramId.

Has any body knows any way to play that kind of stream ?
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