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Full Version: XBMC has stopped scraping new TV shows
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Hi guys..

Hopefully you can help me with this..I had everything purring along nicely for a long time.. and then about a week ago my XBMC stopped updating my TV shows as they got downloaded by Sickbeard.

The files themselves are still being moved to the correct folders and everything is working properly on that side of things.

When I select "Update Library" within XBMC it scans my movie directory for changes but now just seems to skip the TV Shows directory.

Here is a log of me attempting a Update Library command.


Any help would be much appreciated!

It doesn't seem to be even checking a TV show directory, so my best guess would be that the "set content" on the TV show directory somehow got unset. I would check to see if it's still set as "TV show" through Videos -> Files
Ahhh thanks mate!!

That was the problem.. no idea how that happened. Wierd

I was running the Amber skin and couldn't figure out how to specify the scraper for a particular source..

Changed back to Confluence and did it that way!

Cheers.. Smile
A few other people have experienced this where things seem to get "unset". Not sure what the cause is, though. Very odd.