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Full Version: Disc Art template?
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Hi i'm after a disc art template so i can create my missing movie disc art. Has anyone got a template for photoshop? Thanks.
you can get it one http://fanart.tv

not sure where it's placed now
On fanart tv page got to movies section then scroll down to disc art section on the right of the page is a resources section - click on templates.
you have 1 for gimp and 1 for photoshop.
ah damn. totally forget where they were.
i even put them there myself. the templates are the same for movies and music
I've made one. But cheers lads will check out that one too Smile
@Martijn - hehe - things are being moved around a lot although this was still actually where you put it - (took me 2 tries, I thought it had been put as a sticky on the forum)
@Bone9 if you need a template other than this I have a generic blu ray template for photoshop you can contact me at fanart.tv if you wish