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Full Version: Jump forward/backward amount different in some shows/movies
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I have my jump ahead and jump backward times manually set in advanced settings to 5 sec back, 25 sec forward. Certain movie and TV show files I have watched will not adhere to these rules. Sometimes the times are 14 or 17 seconds both forward and backwards. Is there anything I can do with those files or is it something with the way they are encoded? I am using Frodo 12.3 and streaming the files over my Gigabit network from my main PC. Thanks for any help you can provide.
No one else has experienced files that won't follow the rules?
I've seen something like this on very short files, where XBMC seems to change the math for how far forward or back to go. Can you get us a debug log (wiki) of when this happens?
Also if the file has chapters, things can work differently, you may be going to next chapter?