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Full Version: No Available tuners.
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I've installed argus in a VM on my server following the installation guide. Everything seems to be fine in the VM. I can record and start the live stream preview just fine. I made sure none of the tuners were in use but for some reason the xbmc plugin keeps telling me that there are no available tuners. What could be causing this?

Thanks for any help. If you need log files of something or more info let me know.
Are all of the services properly linked to channels? (As described here.) If so, have you tried resetting the PVR database in XBMC? (Settings > Live TV > General.)

What model tuners are you using?
Any active recordings while getting that error? If you have a single tuner available and argus is recording something, you will get that message when tuning to a channel.
I've found that i can watch the current ongoing recording by simply going to Recordings and playing what's there.
WMC won't let go of the tuner. You have to stop WMC every time.