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Full Version: XBMC recording playback stops
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Hello Guys,

I'm using gotham nightly with tvheadend backend. I'm scheduling recordings through HTS webinterface. These recordings show up nicely under LiveTV --> Recordings.

But when i am watching these recordings the playback is stopping multiple times during the playback. Sometimes i can watch without problems for 15 minutes, sometimes it stops after 1 minute. The recording itself is fine, it's just the playbak which stops.

Any ideas what is going on?
debug log (wiki)

It happens to me too, just not very often.

It looks like a buffer issue..
17:26:22 T:140080207353600 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: ReadResult - request timed out after 4 seconds
this is your problem. either a problem with tvheadend or with the pvr.hts add-on.

debug log will tell more. your log didn't have debugging enabled
@opdenkamp: how do i enable debug log?
Follow the link negge gave you - it tells you how to enable debugging.