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Full Version: XBMC video playback of .mkv randomly stops (Log attached)
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Ladies and gents,

I was preparing for a relaxed evening to watch homeland and started up my HTPC running
on Ubuntu 12.04.

HW specs:
MEAX-109 Avexir Core Series gelbe LED, DDR3-1600, CL9 - 8 GB Kit
SSSD-007 SanDisk X110 Series 2,5 Zoll SSD OEM, 7mm, SATA 6G - 128 GB
MBAR-074 ASRock H87M-ITX, Intel H87 Mainboard - Sockel 1150
HPIT-109 Intel Pentium G3220 3,0 GHz (Haswell) Sockel 1150 - boxed

Watching for some minutes suddenly the video stopped, first I thought this was intended in the plot, but XBMC dropped back to the menu.
I could restart from the point where I left but this kept going on. Also with other movies this keeps happening.

I can recall I updated some days ago from the command line (where it mentioed that updates are available). Since than the artefact started happening.

So I offer you the log file with the question for help if you guys know whats wrong?!


I had a similar issue with XBMC Gotham on Ubuntu 13.10 with HD4000 GPU. My live TV streams would just suddenly stop and freeze XBMC. Turns out I forgot to disable VDPAU in Settings -> Video -> Playback. From your log I see that you have it enabled, so try disabling it.

20:04:27 T:139879740643072  NOTICE: CDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::Open() Creating VDPAU(1920x800, 28)
20:04:27 T:139879740643072  NOTICE: vdp_device = 0xffffffff vdp_st = 0x00000001
20:04:27 T:139879740643072   ERROR: (VDPAU) unable to init VDPAU - vdp_st = 0x1.  Falling back.
20:04:27 T:139879740643072  NOTICE: CDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::Open() Failed to get VDPAU device
20:04:27 T:139879740643072  NOTICE:  (VDPAU) Close

I disabled the settings but it still appeared. What I tried is to play from the local dirve and apparently this works. I wonder
if this is an issue with my timecapsule, packet drops, that is serving the file.