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Full Version: Hardware for PVR on Acer Revo 1600 with HD Antenna?
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Hello all!

I know this is a bit complicated... here's my setup, and what I would like to end up with, need some advice.

Acer REVO 1600 with OE and the most current version of XBMC (Frodo?)

NAS/External Hard drives via USB

TV with an OTA HD Antenna

I would like to be able to DVR to one of the external HDDs off of the OTA Antenna. The catch is, I would also like to be able to watch tv via the normal channel interface on the TV rather than over the Acer.

I don't need to be able to record one thing and watch another, just would like to not have to go through the XBMC interface to watch a game, or what have you.

Please recommend hardware... I figure I can work through the setup with a guide, but I'm not sure how to go about this.

Get a TV tuner for the PC and a splitter so you can send signal to the TV and PC tuner at the same time. As for which tuner it depends on where you're located and the type of broadcast in your area.
I'm in 20877. Any way I can check on that? Thanks!
My brother in law used the HD HomeRun (non prime) with an antenna in his attic and he was getting about 40 channels even though he was about 50 miles.away from the nearest tower. They are getting cheaper now.
Cool. Looking at how I can get the leaf as high as possible in the house and routing the signal so I don't have to run new cable anywhere!
On a related note, I have FIOS Internet, not TV, running in on the coax. Can I run the Antenna signal on that as well?