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Full Version: Which Windows PVR server that works on OS X as well?
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HI all.

I have a single Mac Mini added to my network. I have been using WMC till now, but I don't even have the option for WMC Plugin on XBMC for Mac. Is there any PVR back-end server that runs on Windows but will let me use a client on a Mac?

Thank you.
I was under the impression that all PVR addons worked regardless of OS.
Hmmm. When I look at all the PVR addons in XBMC for Mac, I do not see WMC.
wmc.pvr works on Mac. It's only included in recent Gotham builds as it has only recently been added to the xbmc repo. You can download it here for earlier builds http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=179958
Awesome. Thank you.