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Full Version: amber skin
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does anybody know where to find settings on the amber skin as I changed the quit button and now cant locate settings for changing home screen etc. its not on the home bar.
?? You have no settings button on the main bar?
You shouldn't loose settings. .. press settings then you go to the quit menu option.
If you have lost the settings option on the home bar I'm no sure what you can do
You'll have to edit guisettings.xml manually or delete it (if you don't mind losing gui settings in all skins).
Just made a brand new install using latest Openelec 6.0.1on RPi: no settings menu on main Amber screen! As a result, Plexbmc menus can't be seen as well since no way to select "go plex" from settings.
Reverted to Openelec 6.0.0 and the problem is gone.
Sorry, wrong forum. Can't delete the post.