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Full Version: ControlGroup().HasFocus() not working in custom window?
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I have my clock among other things in a custom window, and wanted to slide it to the right when opening the submenu in MyVideoNav.xml (id=9000, as default in confluence). I tried using this code:
PHP Code:
<animation effect="slide" start="0" end="250,0" time="300" condition="ControlGroup(9000).HasFocus">conditional</animation

This works great, if I use it in MyVideoNav.xml directly, but not when added to my custom window. Nothing happens.

Try it by replacing custom_SideMenuHelp.xml in confluence with this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<window type="dialog" id="50">
        <control type="label">
            <animation effect="slide" start="0" end="250,0" time="300" condition="ControlGroup(9000).HasFocus">conditional</animation>
enter MyVideoNav and open the left hand options menu.

This was tested using XBMC 13.0-ALPHA12 Git:20140202-65ad3ae on Win32.

Also, on another note. I'm trying to adapt to using the new left/top/centerleft etc system introduced recently, but struggling with centerleft/centertop. As seen above, I tried centering the label in the window, but it appears centerleft positions the label with the first letter at the center, same as what left would do. I would expect it to center it starting at the center of the control, no?
Your custom window does not know controlgroup 9000 as its in a different window (myvideonav). This is by design to keep controls from bleeding through windows. Your best bet is to set a property when controlgroup 9000 is focused and clear it when unfocused and base the slide animation on that property.
I see. Makes sense. Will do so, thanks!