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Full Version: Remove album from library.
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Is it possible to remove an album from the music library, in the same way I can in the video library?

Just delete the songs.
Didn't quite give the whole story.

I've a few albums that haven't scraped properly, due to incorrect tags. Upon correcting the tags, I rerun the scraper, but the old tags are still used.

What I was hoping to do was remove an album from the library, update the tags, clean the DB, and update again. But, upon updating it still scrapes the old tags.

I supposing, instead of deleting the albums, I could move them from source, then clean, move them back, and update.

... it just seems odd not to be able to remove albums form the library, without actually deleting, given how basic an admin task it is.
All you need do is rescan. If the tags are changed, all songs are removed from that path during a scan and rescanned.
Ah, okay, that works. I'd been editing tags, then updating the info for 1 album at a time, this was not working. I didn't realise it requires a full update each time.
It doesn't require a full update - you need only scan the ones you've updated (e.g. navigate to where the folder is, context -> scan item to library)
Ah! So, let me get this straight. After editing tags, go to File View then scan item to library? As I had tried from the Library View, selecting album info, which would result in reading the old tags.

This actually makes sense now!

Many thanks.
Once you're in the library view it's reading everything from the library, not the tags. So yup, you'd see exactly that.