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Full Version: SD channels with VNSI crash xbmc
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Hello there,

for the life of me i can't get vnsi output to xbmc to work. my system runs exactly like described in fritsch's superb Radeon OSS tutorial.

i've tried several combinations of precompiled packages of vdr-plugin-vnsiserver and xbmc-pvr-vnsi and also tried self compiling from several forks (for example your fernetmenta vnsi5 tree etc), but still no luck.

HD channels work flawlessly but SD channels crash xbmc. Via Live webgui and streamdevserver every channel works. but not with vnsi.

here are my xbmc crashlogs up until the crash:

dmesg output:


xbmc debug log from the point of starting a SD channel:

if any additional logs or stats are needed i'll gladly provide them.

can any0ne tell me which versions of vdr-plugin-vnsiserver and xbmc-pvr-vnsi are recommended or has any idea what causes this??

thx in advance
Duplicate posting, apparent bug, more info at post: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1621594