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Full Version: Possible Bug with OSD screen in ACE and MQ5
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I noticed that when playing music, and bringing up the OSD screen, that Next or Previous buttons don't do anything. I've been updating the Lyrics of my music and noticed this bug.

Then I went to read up about the CU LRC Lyrics plug in, and found the following post...

"johnsills1 Wrote:
Clicking the right arrow button on the keyboard does bring up the OSD. Now when I try to skip to the next song or the previous, nothing happens. Volume options do not work either. All other buttons do what they are supposed to do i.e. (Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Mute)

this is a bug in aeon.mq5 as far as i can tell.
those buttons also don't work if you don't have cu lrclyrics installed,
so it's not related to this addon."

I've also noticed that the CU LRC Lyrics plug in is not updating. Currently its listed as 1.0.7 in ACE, but in fact the latest version is 2.0.7 (with a beta version 2.0.8 to fix issues with Frodo v12.3 and Gotham).