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Full Version: Didn't clean when removing sources, now stuck with duplicates
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I did something a little silly. In a rush to set up my new NAS, I was removing the old sources, and when I was asked if I wanted to remove the old entries from the Library, I said no, assuming I could simply clean those items out later.

Now, since Updating and/or Cleaning only observes shares it can reach, I'm stuck with all of the old files in the library. I've taken a look at MyVideos75.db, and whilst I might be able to slowly pick from paths to files to movies and shows to episodes, actors and everything else, I'm rather hoping there's an easier way to correct my mistake.

FWIW, the box that held the original sources was an internal box accessed over SMB, but is no longer available.
If nothing else is available, could I create a VM on the network with the same IP, create the same shares but leave them empty, then run the Clean?
Have you gone into xbmc settings > video > library and select clean library?

You could always add this source again, then say no when it asks to update, then goto remove this source and say yes to when xbmc asks to remove all contents from lib. should do same trick
Clean ignores those sources. If I'm reading these results correctly, it only cleans item that are no longer present within the established sources.
I'll try your 2nd method though - that seems much quicker than a VM!

I'll let you know. Thanks for your quick reply!
np let me know bud Smile
This is working. The Path entry remains in the database and it's still scanned on library updates and the associated File table records remain as they were, but each source I add then remove gets rid of the associated movie / episode records, and I lose the duplicates in the UI.

Once this process is done, is there more I should do to make things "clean"?
Am I already past a good state, and should be rebuilding from scratch?
Sure just run clean library and all would be well again I suppose. Wink